Get started with Basware Vault API

Get Started

Basware Vault API is a REST API based integration method to Basware's archiving service called Basware Vault. Data is transferred as JSON payloads through a Basware published REST API, which is accessible over public Internet. By using the Basware Vault API, you can archive your invoices to your Basware Vault(s).


To access Basware Vault API you need API credentials as well as access to Basware Vault solution. These will be provided by your Basware delivery project consultant or your technical partner manager.

Try it out

This example posts a new archive request into Basware Vault. To interact with the API you can use any tool capable of posting HTTP messages, such as Postman or curl. This example uses Postman.

POST /v1/vaults/{vaultId}/documents HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
        "clientUUID": "10d96d73-ff7f-49a7-8e8f-a6c7359f4939",
        "documentType": "Invoice",
        "senderName": "Newey & Eyre (UK) Ltd",
        "senderIds": [
        "recipientName": "Acme Inc.",
        "recipientIds": [
        "documentDate": "2010-11-30T08:39:03Z",
        "documentId": "10003456",
        "currencyCode": "EUR",
        "buyerReferenceId": "",
        "buyerReferenceType": "email",
        "amount": 1600,
        "additionalParameters": [
            "key": "OrderNumber",
            "value": "123456789"

Send the above payload to Basware API:

POST to URL:<vaultId>/documents (change <vaultId> to actual Basware Vault Id)

  • Enter your API authentication credentials
  • Send the above payload in message body.

The above settings use Basware API environment in European region, which is the only available region for Vault APIs. End part of the URL 'v1/vaults/' determines the API being executed. Use Content-type: application/json. You need to change the values of the fields in message payload to match your document to be uploaded to Basware Vault.

In response you should get a '200 OK'. The posted document should now be available in Basware Vault. The response will contain a <bumId> identifier for tracking the status of the document's archival.

You can use Vault's status API to get the status of the archiving process:

GET from URL:<vaultId>/documents/<bumId>/status (change <vaultId> and <BUMID> to values mentioned above)

  • Enter your API authentication credentials.
  • You will get the response back with the status of the document in the queue to be archived.

Which APIs will I need?

Check out our API selection guide for a list of APIs required in the most common business scenarios.

Where to next?

If you are considering using Basware API in your projects, you might want to find out how well you can program the web service calls required for using API from your ERP system or integration platform. If you want to dive deeper into the API functionality itself, please check out the Vault API reference for supported methods or the Vault manual for most common usage scenarios, common considerations and fair use practices.

When you have an integration project ongoing, the message payloads and call logic will be fine tuned and tested to match your business needs and ERP system. Usually this is done in dialogue with Basware consultants.