Basware solutions can be flexibly combined with your accounting, procurement and invoicing systems. They can be integrated cost effectively using a wide variety of methods, from REST APIs to file transfers, using both Basware native data formats as well as data formats specific to your ERP systems.

This site presents Basware API and XML integration methods for Basware Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) integrations and API integration methods for Basware Network. Network APIs are for business document sending and receiving. P2P APIs support use cases for master data, accounts payable and procurement. 

Different business scenarios require using different integrations. We have created an integration selection guide to help choose the right integrations to meet your needs. Check the integration selection guide for more information. 

Key benefits of Basware API

Use Basware integrations to:

Network     Purchase-to-Pay



Send e-invoices Globally

Basware’s invoice sending services are designed to take the complexity out of electronic invoicing. With our services, you do not need to worry about the multitude of invoice formats. You only need a single format when you send invoices through Basware Network. We will take care of any conversions and make sure your customer receives their invoice in the correct format.

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Receive e-invoices globally

A multitude of suppliers means a multitude of different invoice formats, right? Not with Basware. When you have your invoices delivered through Basware Network, you will only receive through a single channel in one single format. Your partners can keep sending the invoices in any format they choose – paper or electronic. When an invoice comes in, we will convert it to the correct format and deliver it to you instantly.

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Import master data

Integrate to multiple Basware solutions through a single point of integration. The data is distributed automatically to supported Basware solutions.

Learn more about Purchase-to-Pay APIs and XML integrations


Transfer accounting data to ERP

After receiving an invoice through Basware Network you have the option to verify and process it in your Basware P2P solution. Verified invoices can be transferred through an API to your ERP/accounting system(s), along with full accounting details.

Learn more about Purchase-to-Pay APIs and XML integrations


Match invoices against ordered goods and services

Import external order data using APIs to match invoice data to orders created outside of Basware solutions. Automatically approve invoices with reference to order(s). 

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Integrate with procurement

Whether you're sending orders electronically to suppliers or processing purchase requisitions, you can integrate the Basware Purchasing module with your applications.

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Article one

Archive business documents

Archive 100% of your accounts payable and accounts receivable invoices in one single place, regardless of document source. Basware Vault enables VAT compliant electronic archiving for e-invoices in the supported countries.

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